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Enter the world of séances

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 OUIJA  by Francesco Busani

The Ouija board, invented back to the late 1800s, is one of the most fascinating and magical objects of recent times. It appeared in hundreds of books, it was the terrifying protagonist of movies and TV series, it was mentioned in newspaper articles and web discussions forums, and always maintained its charm. What other magical tool can share these records?

Francesco Busani is a professional mentalist.He regularly uses the spirit board to amaze his audience during the simulation of séances and ghost tours. The board became the protagonist of his show “Spirits in the Castle”, which is running for years at some of the most evocative Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza.

This video course, which comes from an in-depth study of the book “Mentalism with the Ouija board”, explores all aspects of this extraordinary tool. It shows various ways of using the spectators’ ideomotor actions in order to achieve real miracles.

The mentalist will never need to touch the planchette in any way: it will move without the use of any gimmicks nor stooges.

In this video course you will also learn the technique to recreate another incredible phenomenon: the table turning, precursor of the Ouija board.

The course also includes three full spiritism effects, allowing you to recreate a full séance.

You can complement this course with Francesco Busani’s “One to one mentalism”.


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