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 ONE TO ONE MENTALISM  by Francesco Busani

One to one mentalism is a new mentalism context, recently proposed by many professional mentalists. Just like stage, parlor or close-up, it has specific rules.

Francesco Busani has been a professional mentalist for almost twenty years. He invented this unique way of doing mentalism shows. Over the years he has performed with over 1500 individual spectators. This allowed him to build his career and to share his knowledge first with a book that became a milestone of mentalism (Magia a tu per tu) then in this video course where he explores some technical and narrative aspects that could not be in the book.

In the video course the secrets of one to one mentalism are revealed, explaining how to perform in unusual conditions for a mentalist (and therefore create new job opportunities). It is explained how to introduce yourself to the audience, how to set up the work anvironment, how to personalize your show, and how to promote and sell the show to customers.

Francesco Busani will show how to exploit various scenarios (not only bizarre magick) matching your presentation style, the timing and the structure of a one to one show.

Some of the covered topics:

– forcing (with cards / tarots / billets)

– swami gimmicks

– impromptu technique to divine the time with a clock

– language ambiguity 

– peek and secret information gathering

– involuntary ideomotor actions

– pre-show information gathering

– involving the audience for the entire duration of the performance

The video course illustrates and deeply analyzes the technique and presentation details of all the most powerful effects Francesco Busani presents to his spectators:

THE PLAGUE: a magical storytelling with tarot cards allows the mentalist to identify the spectator’s fear and makes it vanish.

THEREMIN: the compelling story of a historical figure is accompanied by suggestive music and makes possible extrasensory communication between the spectator and the mentalist.

TRAVEL MEMORIES: by revisiting a well known technique, the mentalist reveals an object the spectator brought back from a journey.

ZOMBIES: an ironic effect using a deck of amazing tarot cards; the spectators identify the same movie plot of the mentalist.

OBAN: while sipping a whiskey, two spectators relive with their imagination the story of two friends who years earlier traveled to Scotland; the mentalist keeps some objects in an old box… Incredibly, their journey of fantasy becomes reality.

You can complement this course with Francesco Busani’s “OUIJA”.

DURATION: about 3 hours